Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Writer's Block (read: Lack of Motivation)

Since I've prettied up my little blog tonight, it'd only be customary that I'd update it with a new, fabulous post. However, my mind has been a clusterfuck of thoughts and ridiculous emotions the past few weeks that I still need time to try to put them in some sort of ridiculous order. That way, I hope to be able to fully reflect and to articulate a half-decent, intelligible post.

I also have made it a PRIORITY to gym it haaaaarrrrd in the morning, no more excuses - my gym gets ridiculously packed in the afternoons, and I seriously want to punch someone in the face because I can't even BREATHE in that goddamn place (I'll somewhat miss the hunky men that make up 90% of my gym population, but I won't miss the silly intimidating vibe they give off when I'm trying to do my Romanian deadlifts or the annoyed jump-roping I do to pass the time while I wait for the Smith machine) - alas, there's fucking sunlight at 5AM in the summer, so my ass needs to get up!

Maybe a new and improved AM gym schedule will help de-funk the BLAH state of mind I've been in lately.

Oh, and Zumba. I love shaking my ass.


  1. I don't know if this is the right term, but good luck revirginizing the cluster of your mind.

    And by all means, shake that ass. But please don't call it Zumba. Ass-Shake-O-Rama would be a good name. Zumba sounds like a game they teach preschoolers to learn to share.

  2. First thing exercise is awesome and gives you a high for the rest of the day. Unfortunately you also have to pay it back by going to bed earlier.

  3. Ohhhh zumba!! Such a good time. I can't imagine an early morning workout, but I hear it's a great start to the day. Good luck!!

  4. @Maxwell - "Revirginizing" the cluster of my mind sounds about right, but honestly, I think that's the only time I'd like to use the term "revirginizing." EVER.

    Hahaha, not sure how the creator came up with its name, Zumba, but you can call it whatever you'd like, sounds like you're an ASS man, with a name like Ass-Shake-O-Rama. (it's okay, I like butts too)

    @Arlequin - Uhh, yeah. Not looking forward to going to sleep early, grandma style. But fuck it, I just have to get used to it!

    @Alex - It is a great way to start the day, it's getting out of bed at 5AM that's not all that great! And yes, there's Zumba in TX! Good to know :)

  5. Just rub one out, have some wine and sleep it off. It works wonders when it comes to clusterfucks.

    Also more power to you at the 5am going to the gym situation. I rather be in bed regardless of the sun shining straight on my face. 5pm gym is good for me, but today that ain't happening.

  6. @PorkStar - Thanks for the recipe; I'll have to try it out immediately. And yes, I like power - MORE POWER TO MEEEEE! *evil laugh* but seriously, I doubt I'll make it tomorrow (needless to say, I haven't made it this morning) *sigh*

  7. Do we go to the same gym?

    My summer schedule means that I can push my 6:00AM workouts to 8:00 or 9:00AM. But lately I've been dragging my ass so much that I've been doing the 4:00PM workouts instead. Guys, intimidation, and annoyance galore.

    I like the muscles; I do not like the waiting.

  8. @ Elle - I love the classes in the afternoon at my gym, but I also love doing my own thing, so whatever works for the day.

    There's just sooo much eye candy at my gym (read: distraction) and so much testosterone that I discovered there's actually a room through the women's locker room in the back - "the women's gym."

    Oh, and if you went to my gym, we'd probably be the only two females there. OK, the only hot, non-bimbo looking females there.

  9. I've had some writer's block as well...and I definitely have no motivation to work out...which is probably what I need to do...really, what I know I need to do.

    How are you doing otherwise?